Pain After a Car Accident

Sometimes people involved in a car accident don't suffer any noticeable pain or injuries at the scene of the accident. It's only after some time has passed that the driver or a passenger discovers they have an injury caused by the accident. Even if someone did not report an injury at the accident scene, if the accident was due to someone else's negligence they could be entitled to compensation. They could receive payments for pain and suffering, medical treatments, loss of wages or earning capacity.

NC Car Accidents Cause Injuries

If someone else was at fault and therefore responsible for the accident, then their liability insurance will cover care up to the policy's limits. If the injured person is having a difficult time receiving benefits from the negligent driver's insurance policy, they might have a case for an insurance dispute, which our accident attorneys in the greater Research Triangle Park region can assist with.

Settling an Auto Accident Claim

Beware if the insurance company offers you a settlement. Typically it's a minimal amount of money-less than what you're truly entitled to. Always talk to a personal injury attorney before accepting a check from an insurance company.

Paying For Bills After a Car Crash

Since some pain and discomfort starts after an accident, there could be serious brain or spinal damage that the victim isn't aware of. Soft tissue damage isn't visible on X-rays, but can cause severe pain and limitation of neck or back movement. Usually people are more likely to suffer chronic pain after a traffic accident. Anyone suffering pain should seek a medical professional as soon as possible and keep documents of everything. Medical bills should be covered by the at-fault person's insurance. Having an accident attorney working on their behalf gives the victim a better chance of receiving more coverage from the insurance company.

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