Overview of Standard of Care in Healthcare

north carolina medical malpracticeMedical malpractice means a healthcare professional failed to meet a medical standard of care. However, properly defining what this standard is among doctors can be difficult and may require testimony from a medical expert witness. Hiring a North Carolina medical malpractice lawyer is often critical when filing these claims 

Understanding Medical Standard of Care 

Standard of care in medicine refers to the level of care that a doctor in the same field in a similar situation would provide under the circumstances. Standard of care is one of the four elements that must be established in a medical malpractice suit.

To determine this standard, medical malpractice lawyers will often turn to experts in the same field as the doctor being accused of medical malpractice. A North Carolina medical malpractice lawyer may inquire about the situation and what a reasonable physician or professional would have done if put in the same position. 

North Carolina Medical Malpractice: Know Your Rights 

A doctor is obligated to exercise a reasonable amount of care and skill when dealing with patients. The medical standard of care may differ from one field of medicine to another. This is why experts from the same field are often chosen to testify. 

A standard of care is a decision-making process that involves analyzing the situation under time constraints. For example, if a patient is complaining of chest pains, the common standard of care is to determine if the patient is having a heart attack. 

North Carolina Medical Malpractice Lawyers Evaluate Cases

A standard of care must be followed by all health care providers, including: Nurses, chiropractors, hospitals and other medical facilities. If a medical professional failed to adhere to a medical standard of care and left you injured in the process, contact a North Carolina medical malpractice lawyer.

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