On-the-Job Death in NC

Recently a man at Trulite Glass & Aluminum, a Youngsville glass plant, fell to his death. The North Carolina Department of Labor is currently investigating the on-the-job death. Eric Eugene Black, 31, was an electrician with Act Electric in Wake Forest. He was working inside Youngsville's Arch Aluminum & Glass on a lift when he collided with a crane transporting a sheet of glass. The collision caused him to fall over twenty feet, which resulted in his death.

Looking at the state as a whole, authorities speculate that low budgets in this economy are causing employers to trim safety education and practice--but it is essential.

Workplace safety standards have changed a lot in North Carolina. This year marks the 20 year anniversary of the Hamlet chicken processing plant fire that killed 25 employees. New state safety standards and inspections procedures have been implemented since the tragedy.

Death on the job in NC is a very sad and real possibility. In 2009, according to the NC Department of Labor, 34 people died while working on the job. But in 2010 the number jumped to 48. Majority of the workplace deaths in NC were in construction. Fortunately, during this reporting a decline in workplace injuries was noted. Stress on the job remains high in America. Long-term worker illnesses can be caused by on-the-job stress, according to a report last year in the Journal for Occupational and Environmental Medicine. This summer's record-breaking heat wave has also contributed to NC workers filing work-related heat illness claims.

These are unfortunate situations that affect families, employers and their respective circles of friends. Widowed spouses and families may be eligible for compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit. Through workers' comp, lost wages can be recouped by families who relied on their loved one for income. There could even be a possible third party lawsuit if there are grounds for negligence.

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