On-the-job Death in Fayetteville NC

A Fayetteville sanitation worker died on the job recently. Twenty-nine-year-old Jordan Nanney fell off the back of a garbage truck and was run over when the driver reversed the vehicle. The truck driver was sixty-four-year-old Wilbert Gardner.

NC Job Deaths

No charges are expected to be filed against Gardner. Another employee riding on the back of the truck with Nanney, forty-year-old Ronald Virgil, confirmed that Nanney lost his balance and unsuccessfully tried to get Gardner's attention.

On-the-job Death in NC

Just a few months ago another NC on-the-job death occurred. An electrician died at work in Wake Forest. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 4,500 people died because of work-related injuries last year.

North Carolina Injuries and Deaths on the Job

Occupational injuries contribute to over 3 million cases and take over 900,000 people away from work. Fatal job injuries don't occur exclusively in construction and industrial jobs. Workplace injuries happen in every type of sector. On-the-job accidents can be as common as a slip-and-fall to something hazardous that produces results after extended exposure, like notorious occupational illness mesothelioma cases due to asbestos.

NC Workers' Comp Attorneys

When you or someone you know experiences a workplace injury, immediately file a report with your doctor and contact a workers' comp attorney at Brent Adams & Associates. Workers' comp cases in NC are handled by three law offices in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn. Although on-the-job injuries have consistently decreased over the past decade (1,000 fewer cases are reported today as per BLS reports), accidents still happen and can be detrimental to families who suffer lost wages when a family member is out of work due to an injury. Our workers' comp lawyers help injured workers receive the compensation and medical care they are entitled to.

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