As her mom looked on in shock, a 1-year-old girl in Haverhill, New Hampshire suffered personal injuries to her face when a pit bull attacked her. Her wounds required extensive surgery and dozens of stitches.

The girl, Bianca Zangari-Dacey, is out of the hospital after undergoing surgery on May 27. However, her grandfather is irate, claiming others had been attacked by the dog in the past and it should have been seized by police long ago.

According to police, they have the dug in custody after removing it from the house where the attack occurred.

Tim Dacey, the grandfather of the victim, said that she and her mother, Katelyn Zangari, were visiting friends when the dog bit the child’s face at approximately 3 p.m. on May 27.

Zangari said that her daughter had played near the dog, named Duchess, many times in the past without incident. She says that another person in the room apparently stepped on the pit bull’s tail, causing the dog to turn in the direction of her daughter and attack her.

According to Zangari, the people at the home transported her daughter to Merrimack Valley Hospital, where she received ambulance transport to Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport, where a surgeon stitched up the inside and outside of her face.

Zangari said her daughter required at least 50 stitches in total and that she will need to wait until she heals to determine whether or not she will require other treatments, such as plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the scars.

According to the police, the dog is owned by Elizabeth Kakides, who said she was not home at the time of the attack. However, she said that once the child was cared for, she made arrangements to give up the dog.

I understand this child was allowed to bite and torture that poor dog whenever she wished. Perhaps the wrong animal was euthanized.
by Pissed Dog Owner June 14, 2009 at 01:03 AM
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