On the morning of November 9, a small tank exploded at a DuPont plant in New York, resulting in one worker’s death, another suffering personal injuries, and part of the building having to be evacuated.


Tonawanda, New York Police Lt. Nick Bado said that the deceased worker, an outside contractor, was apparently repairing or maintaining the empty, 10,000 gallon tank when it exploded around 11:15 a.m. Bado said there might have been welding underway and the blast could have been caused by fumes or residue from whatever chemical was once contained in the freestanding tank.


United Steelworkers Local No. 6992 President Gary Guralny said that a portion of the facility was damaged and some sections had to be evacuated.


The tank’s contents were not immediately identified by the company. Police said there were no immediate plans to evacuate the area surrounding the plant.


About 700 workers are employed at the Tonawanda plant, which produces Corian countertops and sinks and Tedlar laminate film used in solar panels.

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