One person died and another suffered personal injuries after an accident on Interstate 95 in Dunn on September 22 in which a semi-truck collided with an overpass and lost its container, according to the North Carolina Highway Patrol.


The person killed in the accident, whose identity was not immediately made available, was driving a black vehicle with Massachusetts tags that was destroyed by the collision with the container, which dislodged from the trailer after hitting the bridge at exit 73 around 4 p.m.


The truck was traveling in front of an 18-wheeled car-carrier, which was in front of the black vehicle, according to trooper Greg Steffens.


After the Capital container, which was too tall for the bridge, hit steel, causing the front end to be severely mashed, it dislodged from the trailer ended up on the highway.


The car-carrier’s driver swerved to avoid the trailer. The truck swerved onto the right shoulder, digging its ruts in the soil, veered back toward the center guard rail, and jackknifed on the highway. That truck’s driver received transport to Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital in Dunn.


The driver of the black car was unable to avoid the container and collided with it. Steffens said the vehicle was “completely crushed.”


Steffens said the driver of the truck responsible for the crash will likely be cited for driving an oversized load and could possible face further charges.

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