Newton Falls, Ohio Municipal Court Judge Philip Vigorito threw out the charge against a woman whose dog allegedly bit a boy on the throat, resulting in personal injuries. However, Vigorito told police that they could refile a charge against Donna Shetterly.

The charge was thrown out due to the charge being indicated on the incident report as for an animal bite but was filed as a charge of failing to quarantine the dog. According to the judge, the information included in the report was not consistent with the charge.

On May 12, Shetterly had entered a plea of no contest to the charge before it was thrown out.

According to Police Chief Robert Carlson, he believes the case will likely be refiled by the officer with the correct charge.

The dog had no proof of rabies vaccinations and had been ordered to be quarantined and leashed while outside. According to the boy’s mother, she told her doctor about this.

According to Showers’ 9-year-old son Kyle, he was walking home from the house of a friend when he was attacked by the German shepherd-Rottweiler mix, which had jumped a fence.

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