The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation recently proposed two ideas to create a safer work environment. The bureau announced its plan in April to reimburse workers' compensation premiums to employers. The goal is to provide management for health and wellness programs and to also educate people about the importance of a safe work environment, not only at the office but also at home.

The Columbus Dispatch explains that Ohio aims to spend $6 million each year on their programs for high-risk companies who have fifty or fewer workers as well as a certain group of workers with specific injuries. The bureau wants employers to give health-risk assessments to their employees, as well as biometric screenings, lifestyle management and coaching, and chronic-disease management.

Ohio is also planning to spend $2 million in a statewide health and safety programs which will educate employers and their employees about slip-and-fall accidents, car accidents, and injuries due to over exhaustion. These injuries account for more than 60 percent of Ohio's work-related injuries.

The efforts that Ohio is taking will hopefully decrease injuries on the job.

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