October Library Items: Focus on Dog Bites

dog attackDog bite cases are increasing every year, with the average insurance claim skyrocketing to over $24,000 per bite. With 75 million dogs in the country, 2% of the American population will be bitten in the coming year -- 70% of those incidents will involve the dogs of friends and family.

Just this month we wrote about a dog attack in Gastonia, NC who suffered over 60 dog bites when a pit bull attacked him in his own back yard. After the attack, it was discovered that the dog had attacked a human before and that the owner was still in the process of paying off the first victim!

Do you know what to do in the minutes, hours, and days after a dog attack? Do you know the possible consequences of your dog biting another person, even if it hasn't been aggressive with humans in the past? Do you know how many people die each year from dog maulings?

This month in our Library section, we have added three new articles that shed light and share information regarding dog bites, dog bite lawsuits, and dog bite prevention.




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