Poor Hygiene is Neglectful in Nursing Homes

Patients living in nursing homes are more susceptible to disease if they are not cared for in a hygienic environment. If a nursing facility does not practice proper hygiene among their patients, germs are more likely to spread throughout the residents in the home. An elderly person's immune system might be weak, so spreading harmful bacteria could be detrimental.

Depending on the resident's needs, nurses might be required to help residents change clothes, diapers, use the restroom, bathe, brush their teeth and other personal care. When a nurse neglects a resident's care needs the patient could be harmed as a result. But not only is it necessary to properly keep the residents clean, it is also essential to keep the nursing home facility clean. Filthy toilet seats and showers can also lead to the development of harmful bacteria. Large areas where food is served must be cleaned often and the food must be served properly and disposed of timely.

If staff members do not practice proper hygiene themselves, such as washing their hands after helping a patient, this can also cause diseases to spread. 

Some patients have died due to infections related to the negligence of a staff or a facility who did not practice proper hygiene. If you believe you have the right to file a lawsuit because of the negligence of nurse at a nursing home, please call our law office at 877-273-6823. Our nursing home abuse lawyers in Raleigh provide no-cost consultations. Learn more about laws that protect nursing home residents in North Carolina.

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