Nursing Home Burns Due to Meth Lab

The first things that come to mind when someone hears ‘nursing home negligence’ are usually poor hygiene, slip-and-fall accidents with the elderly, missed medications, physical or financial abuse of seniors. There are plenty of nursing homes in NC that have high standards of conduct, well-trained staff and clean residences, however there are NC nursing homes known to manage money poorly and experience bug and mold infestations.

Who would expect a nursing home to have a fire caused by a meth lab? An Ohio nursing home with a history of over a dozen violations suffered a fatal fire in early March 2012 due to a meth lab on its premises. Two of the fire’s burn victims are expected to be charged for the fire, which took place at Park Haven Nursing Home. According to the Associated Press, the meth lab was operating in a resident’s room. Three residents required hospitalization after the fire. One person, not a resident, died from the nursing home accident.

Reports show that in 2011 the nursing home was cited for violating urgent care requirements for a resident and allowing residents to be put in harm’s way. Prior violations included multiple residents’ complaints about missing property, failed investigation of a patient’s injury, and inadequate care.

Have peace of mind when your loved one resides in a NC nursing home by checking its history with the NC Department of Health. Visit the nursing home; talk with the staff and follow-up on your loved one’s medication history and charts. If you suspect nursing home neglect or abuse is happening, contact a NC nursing home abuse attorney at Brent Adams & Associates. No matter where the nursing home is located in NC, our nursing home abuse lawyers help families from the mountains to the coast. Between three injury law offices in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn, we have a team of experienced injury attorneys handling cases where senior citizens are physically, emotionally or financially abused. Call 800.849.5931 for a free review of your NC nursing home abuse claim.
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