North Carolina Truck Driver Charged After Accident Sends Two Girls To Hospital

truck accident injuriesA North Carolina truck driver was recently charged in a December accident that caused two young girls to be sent to the hospital after sustaining injuries.


The girls are 3- and 4-year-old sisters who were in safety seats in the rear of their parents’ car on December 16 when the Toyota Corolla was suddenly hit from behind while stopped at a red light. A tanker truck driven by 35-year-old Roanoke Rapids, NC resident Stephen Boney was the vehicle that rear-ended the sedan.


Both girls suffered serious injuries that required hospitalization, but according to police spokesman Adam Bernstein, they are now back at their home and doctors are “optimistic” they will make a full recovery.


Boney was issued a summons for failure to obey a traffic signal and a warrant for reckless driving. According to Bernstein, he reported to officials to be presented with the charges.


Children commonly sustain rear seat injuries since they may not be old enough or satisfy the weight requirements for sitting in the front seat. (Learn about North Carolina child seat belt laws.) There are ways of minimizing the severity and preventing rear seat injuries, but the circumstances in any accident are unpredictable and could still cause life-long damages.

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