North Carolina Truck Accident Lawyers: Tips for Your Injury Claim

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A Sanford truck accident killed the driver of an SUV recently. An Isuzu Trooper crossed the center line and collided with the tractor trailer, causing a vehicle fire. The truck driver survived with no injuries, but what if he had suffered life-long injuries from the negligent Isuzu driver? Who would have paid for the truck accident injuries? If authorities determined the Isuzu driver was completely at fault in the accident and the truck driver had been hurt, the truck driver would be able to file an injury claim through the Isuzu driver’s insurance. What if the Isuzu driver didn’t have insurance or was underinsured? Read our blog about uninsured and underinsured motorists in NC. For any injury case, we tell our clients to:

Seek medical attention right away. Protect your health and your rights by having a medical professional document your injuries.
Keep all receipts and medical records. Official documents outlining the cost and required care will help build a strong case when our NC injury attorneys fight for the compensation you deserve.
Do not accept the insurance company’s first offer. Let our NC injury attorneys negotiate on your behalf. Our accident lawyers know how insurance companies work, we also know your rights according to state and federal laws.

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Every NC accident is different and our injury attorneys will explain how NC laws will affect your injury claim. If you or someone you know was injured or killed because of a negligent driver, contact our accident attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville or Dunn. NC injury lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates look at every detail of your injury claim in order to make the strongest case possible. Contact an NC accident attorney at 800.849.5931.
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