North Carolina School Bus Injuries

The media’s attention has been focusing more on the recent problems with Wake County Schools’ inadequate bus system and the addition of more buses, than a school bus accident that happened about an hour away from the Raleigh area that injured eight students. The Farmville school bus accident sent students to a medical center for treatment of burns they received from steam of a broken pipe.


School bus-related crashes send 17,000 kids to the ER every year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 25% of these accidents happen when kids are boarding or stepping off of the buses, which is exactly what happened in the recent Farmville bus accident. None of the injuries were fatal, but what can you do to protect your child if they are injured on a school bus in NC?


School bus accidents happen for many reasons like poor maintenance, dangerous weather conditions, driver fatigue or negligence, or other negligent drivers on the road. The Farmville bus accident was caused by a burst pipe, which may be a result of improper maintenance, but an investigation will confirm that. For parents whose children suffer injuries on a school bus, there are specific steps that will help ensure the strongest NC personal injury case:

  • Visit the doctor, even if your child isn’t showing signs of an injury. Internal bleeding or a head injury can be determined from special examinations.
  • Document every doctor visit and maintain receipts for all treatment your child requires to recover from their bus accident injuries.
  • Monitor your child closely. Head injuries sometimes take weeks to show symptoms.
  • Get a copy of the school’s accident report.
  • Contact a Raleigh personal injury lawyer at Brent Adams & Associates – consultations are free and our Raleigh bus accident attorneys don’t get paid unless our clients do.


A Raleigh bus accident attorney knows exactly how to research a bus company’s accident history to determine if they have a record of negligence. Recover costs for your child’s medical care and long-term damages that resulted due to the bus accident. If the bus company is at fault, you have a right to seek compensation for their wrongdoing. Schedule a free consultation with a Raleigh personal injury lawyer today 800.849.5931.

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