North Carolina’s First Modern Toll Road

The first toll road in North Carolina opened this month and will begin charging fees in January. The Triangle Expressway is the stretch of I-540 between NC-55 and NC-54 as well as the section of NC-147 (Durham Freeway) between I-540 and I-40. NC residents and visitors have questions about how the new toll road works.
  • How much are tolls on the Triangle Expressway? Tolls vary on the vehicle type (number of axles) and the distance of the expressway the driver uses. Toll zones on the parkway scan vehicles are charge them as they pass.
  • How do you pay for the Triangle Expressway polls? Polls will be tracked by the NC Quick Pass, a transponder unit that tracks poll charges. The transponder itself comes in three variations that cost $5 (sticker version), $20 (hardcase) or $35 (exterior). The transponder is not yet compatible with out-of-state toll programs and is only valid in North Carolina. If you don’t have an NC Quick Pass or are not interested in acquiring one, cameras will take pictures of license plates and send bills in the mail to drivers. Rates are higher for anyone without a Quick Pass.
With the new toll system, passes and signage, local and visiting drivers will be confused, which can make traffic more congested. Distracted drivers make the chances of accidents higher. Triangle Expressway drivers should be extra cautious and vigilant to avoid causing an accident. If you or someone you know is involved with a NC auto accident, one of our car crash lawyers in Raleigh, Dunn or Fayetteville can help. Auto accident attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates help innocent victims of car wrecks receive the compensation they deserve for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical treatment.
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