How does North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system stack up to similar workers’ comp departments across the country? According to a new report released by the Work Loss Data Institute (WLDI), North Carolina workers’ comp is solidly average, with a number of states fairing better and a number of states fairing worse.

As written in the 2010 State Report Cards for Workers’ Comp document, which collects seven years worth of data between 2000 and 2007, North Carolina is a tear three state that receives a “C” when it comes to workers’ compensation. The report cards are based on information collected and analyzed from OSHA recordable injuries and illnesses forms and focuses on five outcome measurements:
  1. Incidence Rates
  2. Cases Missing Work
  3. Median Disability Durations
  4. Delayed Recovery Rate
  5. Key Condition: Low Back Strain

North Carolina's workers' comp system did very well in the median disability duration measurement, with an average response time of seven days.
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