Just how powerful is a pit bull's bite? And how aggressive can they be? In Fayetteville, North Carolina, one police officer - and her car - found out. The officer, Sheriff's Deputy Lynn Lavallis, was called to assist a mother who said that her daughter was being chased by a pit bull in the street while riding her bike.

Although Lavallis did not see the child or the dog, she went in to the mother, Gloria Bass, to speak with her about the police call and potentially dangerous dog. While inside, Bass' pit bull attacked all four tires on the police cruiser, puncturing each.

While both a crime scene investigator and local North Carolina animal services officials reported to the scene, Bass was not charged or cited and her dog was not taken away as it had not attacked or injured a person. Bass was asked to pay for new cruiser tires.
A pit bull chased my car last night. I slowed down because I didn't want to hit the dog. My back tire went flat about 10 minutes later. The front tire had a tooth mark but not full penetrated into. These were my BRAND NEW TIRES and very expensive. The pit bull had been bitten into the side wall making it irreplaceable. I am a senior living on social security. Now I am having to replace it with older used tires as I cannot afford new ones again. Now I wish I had just taken the chance of running the dog over!
by Nancy Dumore January 22, 2014 at 12:33 PM
Hold your horses pitman. The article is not stating or telling readers that pitbulls are an aggressive breed, but instead it is simply showing how powerful they can actually be. We also have no clue whatsoever what the reason was behind the incident that instigated the pitbull to attack and puncture all four of the cruiser tires. Yes, we could put the blame on Bass, who might not have taken real good care of her dog. However, perhaps the dog was a victim itself by other residents who might have hurt or provoked it. Such a vague article should not be taken directly out of its context.
by Simon February 6, 2013 at 11:26 PM
ok now this is crazy, no injuries but the pit bull name getting smeared across the world again !!! first off i would like to say i have been raising this breed over 20 yrs,and there are no bad pit bulls just bad owners !!! dogs are only as good as their owners ! so lets not bash the breed for bad owners ! yes they are very powerful dogs but they are not by breed aggressive . they are high energy animals . high energy does not mean aggression !!!!! there are over 4 million pit bulls in america and what 2-3 times a year you hear of a attack .
by pitman March 17, 2010 at 05:45 PM
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