North Carolina Motorcycle Safety Tips for Fall

North Carolina motorcycle safety may have helped a man and woman who were in a Johnston County motorcycle crash in early fall. The couple was riding close to Garner when they hit a truck. Motorcycle riders have a different set of concerns when they ride in the fall. The changing of the seasons mean new risks are present for both motorcycle riders and their passengers.


According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, an organization focused on road safety, teenage riders are at the highest risk in autumn. NC motorcycle accident attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates created a list of safety tips to help motorcycle riders have a safer drive this fall:


  • Avoid or drive cautiously around wet leaves. The beautiful fall colors on the trees quickly find their way to the ground. After rain, wet leaves and deep puddles add the risk of skidding, which could send a motorcycle rider straight into oncoming traffic, or off the shoulder and into a tree or other obstruction.
  • Choose reflective cold-weather gear. Special materials are used to make motorcycle gear suitable for hot summertime temperatures, and many riders choose white and light colors to help reflect the sun and stay cool. There are plenty of white and reflective winter gear options that will help you keep you warm and seen.
  • Get familiar with roads. Many fall motorcycle accidents involve teenagers. Teens who are starting college and schools in new places are navigating roads they have not traveled before. Learn neighborhoods well so that you can focus on traffic hazards and safe driving.
  • Watch for deer. October and November are prime months for deer to breed. Slow down if you see a deer—braking too suddenly could cause more problems if there are vehicles following you.
  • Use lights. You should ride with your light on all the time to increase your visibility. Shorter days and early dusk hours cause decreased visibility and other drivers may have a difficult time seeing you on the road.


Brent Adams & Associates’ Raleigh motorcycle accident attorneys help victims of motorcycle wrecks. When a motorcycle rider is injured in a crash caused by another driver’s negligence, the motorcycle rider is at risk for severe head and spinal injuries that result from no fault of their own. A negligent driver’s actions can cause the same injuries to any innocent motorcycle rider, whether they’re a novice or if they have decades of experience. There are ways to avoid motorcycle crashes, as we offered above, but anyone can find themselves in an emotionally, financially and physically stressful motorcycle crash. Schedule a free meeting with our accident attorneys to learn your rights in a NC motorcycle wreck.

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