North Carolina Motorcycle Accident Prevention

Motorcycling is a popular leisure hobby for a number of North Carolina residents. As gas prices steadily increase, motorcycles are also becoming a wallet-friendly mode of transportation to and from work. This means more motorcycles are on the road-with more opportunities for accidents. According to statistics released in recent years through AAA, North Carolina's motorcycle death rate is one of the top ten in the US. What about the NC motorcycle accident survivors who are suffering pain and injuries?

After you have been injured in an NC motorcycle accident you need information. When you suffer pain from a motorcycle crash, a personal injury attorney can work with you to determine what insurance claims can be made, how to negotiate a settlement and-if needed-present your strongest case to a jury. At Brent Adams & Associates we have many years of experience in Raleigh handling North Carolina motorocycle wrecks and know the secrets behind insurance claims and how to maximize your recovery.

These motorcycle safety tips will help drivers avoid potential accidents:


  • Maintenance - Motorcycle brakes, tire pressure and fluid levels should be checked more frequently than a standard vehicle.

    Gear - A helmet and protective eyewear are safety staples for motorcycle drivers. High visibility vests and jackets help other drivers see a motorcycle rider. The black leather ensemble associated with motorcycle riding is ideal for protection-but not visibility. Special body armor can be worn under clothing, which helps protect riders in a fall or crash.

    Weather - Avoid extreme weather when riding a motorcycle. If time allows, call a friend, use a cab or just stay put until the weather improves. If you must ride in a storm make sure you make yourself as visible as possible.

    Season - Ask any NC resident and they'll tell you they love experiencing all four seasons. Drivers aren't expecting to see motorcycles on the road in the winter, but the rising cost of gas is making it more common, which means both motorcyclists and car drivers need to be more aware of black ice.

    Time of Day - If you ride a motorcycle for leisure, try and avoid the three Ds: dusk, dawn and the dark. Little or no light increases the risk of an accident, especially in winter months when dusk is during rush hour.


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