According to police, a North Carolina man was listed in poor condition on Friday, August 8 at New Hanover Regional Medical Center after he sustained personal injuries when a patio umbrella at a pool in Leland speared him through the head.


According to Lt. Nick Giacobbe, the interim chief of the Leland Police Department, on the afternoon of August 7, the man, described as being in his 20s, was lounging around the pool at the Park at Village Oaks apartment complex when one of the pool’s umbrellas was knocked over by the wind and then pierced the man’s had.


Giacobbe said that the spike at the umbrella’s tip went through the skull of the man and he had to be rushed to the hospital.


According to Giacobbe, police were told by onlookers, who believed the man to have been stabbed, that a freak accident caused the man’s injuries, which was confirmed by the emergency room doctor.


By evening on Friday, all of the umbrellas had been removed from the complex’s pool and residents were unaware of many details of the incident.


Giacobbe said the incident is still under investigation.

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