North Carolina Elevator Accidents

elevator accidentsAre North Carolina elevators safe? A new report completed by the state discovered that most of the elevators that violate safety standards are not inspected after violations are discovered. The lack of follow-up leaves a great risk that the elevator safety violations are not corrected, and if they are fixed, that they are not repaired correctly. The audit showed 97% of the elevators that violated standards were not re-inspected.

Since most elevators are not re-inspected, property owners usually avoid paying a fine. Out of 13,000 violations in 2012, only 36 fines were enforced.

Elevator accidents in North Carolina are governed under a special set of laws provided by the General Assembly called the Elevator Safety Act of North Carolina. The Act states:

No person shall operate, permit to be operated or use any device or equipment subject to the provisions of this Article if such person knows or reasonably should know that such operation or use will expose the public to an unsafe condition which is likely to result in personal injury or property damage.

The Act also requires all property owners who have knowledge of an elevator injury on their premises to contact the state's Commissioner. If you have experienced an elevator injury and believe both safety and the law have been violated, contact one of our injury lawyers in Raleigh, Fayetteville or Dunn. No matter where in North Carolina you were hurt, our lawyers will be able to explain the law.

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