North Carolina Bus Accidents and Liability

raleigh bus accident lawyerA Rocky Mount school bus accident in late February injured a half dozen people. Two students on the bus were treated for minor injuries at a hospital, while three adults and two children in the car that hit the school bus were also treated at the hospital.

Our Raleigh bus accident lawyers encourage families to educate their children about North Carolina school bus accidents so that their children will know what to do after a school bus accident. In the Rocky Mount bus crash, the bus driver was not acting negligently and the accident was caused by another vehicle that had gone out of control, according to local news reports. 

Even though the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that school buses are designed to be safer than typical passenger vehicles, students may still suffer injuries in an accident. If you need help with a school bus accident case, you probably have questions about liability. Is the school itself liable, the bus driver, the bus company another vehicle driver, the Department of Transportation, another student? Any one or a combination of these factors could be accurate, depending on the nature of the school bus activity, the actions of the driver or other drivers involved in the accident, how the vehicle was maintained, if there was debris or poorly maintained roads, or if a student's behavior on the bus impaired the driver's ability to operate the bus.

Students who are injured in school bus accidents have rights. Parents should not feel intimidated by school administration, bus companies, or insurance representatives. Our Raleigh bus accident lawyers can help explain the complicated traffic laws that affect injured persons in bus accidents. 

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