North Carolina Boy Injured In Pit Bull Attack

Recently, a 14-year-old Canton, North Carolina boy was required to be hospitalized for personal injuries he sustained in an attack by three pit bulls.

On May 24, Dylon Ingle was helping his parents plant flowers at their home when the dogs escaped from a fenced enclosure. They attacked the boy, delivering bites to his head, neck, hands, right forearm, and left knee, according to police.

A Sheriff’s deputy from Haywood County who responded to the Haywood Regional Medical Center after the attack noted that he saw a “large bite on both sides of his throat, directly across his windpipe.”

Ingle’s father beat the dogs off of his son with a shovel and the owner of the dogs’ daughter was able to return them to their enclosure, according to police.

Police say they were told by the owner of the dogs that she would give the dogs up to Animal Control to be put down and has reached an agreement to pay Ingle’s medical expenses.

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