North Carolina #2 in US for Teen Car Accident Deaths

North Carolina notoriously makes the top lists for places to live and work, however it’s also a top danger zone for teens on the road.


The Governor’s Highway Safety Association released a report showing that North Carolina is leading the nation with the most car accident deaths of 16-17-year-olds. This has drawn attention to just how dangerous North Carolina roads are. Even high-traffic cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York didn’t make the top three. Florida trails behind in third place and Texas holds the number one spot.


However, the country overall has seen a decline in teen fatal crashes. In 1995, over 500 sixteen-year-olds died in car crashes, but in 2010 only 158 were killed. Some experts say that the cost of fuel is keeping more teens off the road, compounded with high unemployment rates.


How can teen drivers in North Carolina prevent car accident injuries and death?

• More safe driving education.
• Added regulation with graduated licensing programs.
• Family-enforced curfews and driving restrictions.


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