Donte Stallworth, wide receiver for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, hit a pedestrian with his Bentley on the morning of March 14 on a busy causeway linking Miami and Miami Beach in Florida, according to police. The pedestrian died of the personal injuries he suffered in the crash.

According to Miami Beach police spokesman Juan Sanchez, Stallworth was en route to the back when he struck a 49-year-old man at around 7 a.m. The man, who police did not identify, received transport to a nearby trauma center and was pronounced dead about an hour later. Police say he was near a crosswalk, but it was unknown whether he was crossing legally.

Sanchez said that the 28-year-old NFL star was cooperative with police and no charges have been filed. Officers drew blood from Stallworth for drug and alcohol testing, which is routine, but it was too early to tell if he was impaired or violating traffic laws.

Before last season, Stallworth signed a seven-year contract with the Browns worth $35 million, but did not play much due to injuries. He was due a $4.75 million signing bonus of March 13.

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