The career of Richard Collier, professional football player for the Jacksonville Jaguars is over because of the personal injuries he sustained from being shot while sitting in a car outside an apartment complex in September. According to his doctor, the offensive tackle is now paralyzed below the waist and his left leg had to be amputated.

According to University of Florida at Shands Jacksonville hospital surgeon Dr. Andy Kerwin, Collier was on a ventilator for approximately three weeks and has no memory of the attack.

According to Kerwin, the Kerwins sustained 14 bullet wounds to his back, left groin, Left legs, and right buttock. His spinal cord was also severed by a bullet, the cause of the paralysis. The damage to his left leg and groin caused blot cots to form, making amputation necessary. Five bullets were removed from his urinary bladder alone and the 26-year-old also suffered bouts of pneumonia, infections, and renal failure.

However, he is no longer in critical condition and his status has been upgraded to “good.” But Kerwin says he will never walk again.

When the attack happened on September 2, Collier and Kenneth Pettway, a former teammate, were waiting outside of an apartment complex when a gunman fired into the vehicle, said the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Pettway was uninjured.

Collier is the third NFL player to be shot within the past 18 months. In November of last year, Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor was fatally shot in a failed burglary attempt at his Miami home. In December, Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams died after his rented limousine was sprayed with bullets after leaving a New Year’s party.

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