On May 8, the Office of the New York State Inspector General announced that 51-year-old Queens, New York resident Ronnie Wesley, an employee of the state Office of Children and Family Services due to a workers’ compensation scam in which he received approximately $6,000.

Wesley, a Youth Division aide, was arraigned in the City Court of Albany, New York on Class E felony charges of defrauding the government and offering a false instrument for filing.

Wesley alleged that he had been injured on September 12, 2007 on an elevator while at work. He initially claimed that the elevator dropped several floors, resulting in injuries to his neck, back, and legs. None of the elevator’s other passengers filed personal injury claims.

According to Wesley’s claims, his injuries were too severe for him to work at OCFS’ Ella Residential Center in Brooklyn, where persons in custody are sometimes required to be restrained. He also claimed when he told the Workers’ Compensation Board that he had no other employment and performed no other work during the alleged disability. However, he continued working a second, full-time clerk job at the Processing and Delivery Center of the United Postal Service in Brooklyn, even though he was receiving disability payments from the New York State Insurance Fund.

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