New Workers' Comp Regulations in Effect April 2013

It is illegal for an employer in North Carolina with 3 or more workers to operate without workers' compensation insurance coverage. Even though it is against the law, there are thousands of companies in violation and employees are unknowningly at risk. 

The North Carolina Industrial Commission has failed to identify tens of thousands of businesses who are not carrying workers' comp insurance. New laws will help make it easier to detect the employers who are operating fraudulently. One of the bills will require businesses to submit specialized reports for review by the state controller. This will help North Carolina find businesses who are not only avoiding workers' comp insurance coverage, but evading taxes as well. 

The new changes begin in April 2013.

What can injured workers do if they discover their employer is one of at least 30,000 companies in North Carolina with no workers' compensation insurance? Read our Raleigh workers' comp lawyers' post here. If you or someone you know works in agriculture and was hurt at work, this industry falls under separate regulations. What should injured agricultural workers expect? You can read more about it here, along with information about how workers' comp affects sole proprietors and railroad workers. There may also be ways for the injured worker to recover compensation if their employer was working with a general contractor.

For the specific laws and regulations that affect your particular work injury case, learn more about our NC workers' compensation attorneys, check out our library full of NC workers' comp information, and or give us a call directly 877-BRENT-ADAMS.

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