2014 Bicycle Apps Increase Safety

bicycle appsBicycle riding in the Raleigh area and surrounding North Carolina cities is one of the more popular outdoor activities in the region. North Carolina's history with bicycles stems back to important legislation--the Bikeway Act. Now, 40 years later, not only are laws helping protect cyclists, but technology is helping too.

New Bicycle Applications Incorporate Safety

The Bike Shield App is a service that communicates vehicle-to-vehicle. The crash avoidance technology communicates with cyclists, cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The effectiveness of the app appears to be reliant on usage levels. With the app's abilities as of this writing, the service only works if all parties involved are using the app. Another limitation currently is that the app is only available (for free) in Google Play and an iOS app is in development. According to the app's description, "When using this app, car drivers get an acoustic signal that warns them about approaching motorcycles and bicycles. These signals raise drivers’ awareness and reduce distracted maneuvers that may result in a fatal crash with motorcycles and bicycles." Right now, it's important to spread the word about the app so that more people add it to their phone (when it becomes available) and can stay alert while driving, riding, or cycling. 

Another app for bicyclists that hit the market in 2014 is WeCycle. WeCycle gathers user geo data to generate heat maps that will then be used by urban planners. This makes it easy for urban developers to see high bike traffic areas and where urban design adjustments may need to be made.

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