New System Prevents Collisions with Deer

A new road safety device called DeerDeter is being used to help prevent deer-related car accidents. The unique system uses several features to distract and lure deer away from roadways.

Deer-related car crashes cause billions of dollars in damage and serious injuries. An unmoving car that a deer runs into could sustain expensive damage, for vehicles traveling at highway speeds, the repairs and injuries caused by deer-vehicle crashes can be fatal. The DeerDeter system hopes to reduce the number of vehicles that crash into deer, prevent injuries and save lives. Through a combination of strobe lights and sounds, the DeerDeter system discourages deer from crossing roads and gathering near highways without impeding drivers’ concentration on the road. The sounds “micic a cry of a wounded animal” and the lights appear as a “predator’s eyes,” scaring deer away from high traffic areas, and triggering additional deterrence systems down the road to keep roadways clear for passing vehicles.

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