A new method for PTSD is being practiced, according to News Medical. The study, funded by Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT), has been conducted over the course of two years. The therapy is called, 3MDR and patients are asked to walk on a treadmill while facing images they have selected as it relates to their trauma. 

"The aim of this therapy," News Medical states, "is to help patients learn how to move through their avoidance by, literally, approaching their traumatic memories."

Treatment resistance is high, even though psychological therapy with this type of focus has been proven to be helpful. A portion of the results was found in the Netherlands, which found that 3MDR may help veterans who suffer from PTSD. The study was conducted to see how effective the treatment was amongst British military.

PTSD Research Increases

Professor, Jonathan Bisson, is currently leading the study at the Institute of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences at Cardiff University's School of Medicine. The ongoing study is being performed in an on campus laboratory. Researchers are hoping the exposure they are bringing to those with PTSD prevent them from "cognitive avoidance."

The findings from the research will be officially reported on at the end of the project.

Professor Jonathan Bisson states, "There is an urgent need to identify effective treatments for military veterans who do not respond to, or are unable to engage with, current first line treatments."

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