According to WRAL, the North Carolina Industrial Commission is working hard to stop the over-prescription of opioids. New rules are being proposed to make obtaining prescription pain-killers harder.

There are nine new rules being taken into consideration. These rules will "encourage alternative treatments" by prescribing physical therapy or massages. Systems for people with opioid addictions will be created, and dosage, as well as the duration of prescriptions, will be better prescribed. 

A new study has found a large correlation between workers compensation claims and deaths due to pain-killer prescriptions. Charlton Allen, Commission Chairman, believes these new precautions are necessary.

"These guidelines," he says, "establish what an insurance company will pay for, and if it's not going to be paid for by an insurance company, there's a good chance there will be exploration of other alternatives."

If the rules are approved during the public comment period, these new rules will go into effect in May of this year.

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