On October 1, a new law went into effect in North Carolina that could change the outcome of future personal injury claims and settlements across the state. House Bill 542, commonly referred to as the "Billed vs. Paid Law," now requires accident victims in North Carolina to disclose any medical expenses paid by their health insurer when filing a personal injury claim.

In the past, injury victims in North Carolina would be compensated based on their medical bills, while the amount of money that their health insurer contributed remained private. Now, many are concerned that personal injury compensation will be based on how much injury victims paid out of pocket for their accident. Not only will insurance companies be paying out less, but personal injury victims will also be punished for having comprehensive health care coverage. Opponents of the bill also say that the Billed vs. Paid Law represents North Carolina taking one more step away from how other states approach personal injury and accident claims - it is already one of only four states that abide by pure contributory negligence laws.

What does the new Billed vs. Paid Law mean for your North Carolina personal injury case? Right now, the law is so new that it is difficult to say exactly what effect the law will have on actual case outcomes. However, obtaining a Raleigh accident attorney who understands the new law and its repercussions will be key. Call Brent Adams & Associates today to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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