FDA Must Give Xeralto Black Box Label After New Findings

Xarelto was released in 2011 to be an effective blood thinner which was supposed to allow users more freedom opposed to previous drugs. The FDA approved it to treat patients after a hip or knee replacement surgery as well as certain medication conditions.

            Since this drug was released, thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the drug. This drug, unbeknownst at the time of its release, can cause blood to store in a storage chamber of the heart. If too much blood enters the chamber, it can clot and be sent to the brain. This medication can also cause internal bleeding and there is no cure to stop the eternal bleeding Xarelto could create. Xarelto could cause an infection to a patient with knee or hip replacement surgery. It can also cause the hemoglobin amount in red blood cells to decrease and cause the formation of a hematoma. Xarelto is also linked to the swelling of lower limbs and difficulty breathing.

            Xarelto is still being sold in pharmacies, but the FDA has given it a black-box warning. A black-box warning is the most severe warning label a medication can receive.

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