New BOSS System for NC Buses

North Carolina is rolling out the first-ever Buses on Shoulders System (BOSS) program, designed especially for the state by Triangle Transit and the Department of Transportation.


Don’t be confused when you start to see buses driving in the shoulder along I-40. Also, don’t try to follow them. The new BOSS program only allows buses to use the shoulder under certain traffic conditions. The buses can drive in the shoulder on I-40 when they come across heavily congested areas where traffic is moving less than 35 MPH.


The buses need to follow a new set of regulations created for the BOSS program. When the buses travel in the shoulder they may not exceed speeds of 35 MPH and are not allowed to travel more than 15 MPH more than the traffic being passed.


If awareness of the new BOSS program doesn’t spread fast as the new transportation rules are rolled out, many drivers—and perhaps even out-of-state drivers—may see the buses avoiding traffic by traveling in the shoulder and think it’s okay to follow them. This creates a huge potential for bus accidents and other car crashes on the Interstate.


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