Nevada Doctor Stuck in Hepatitis Outbreak after Reusing Syringes


Patients of a Dr. Dipak K. Desai in southern Nevada over the last three decades have reason to worry.


The doctor recently agreed to temporarily stop practicing medicine after 28 years until a state investigation sifts through and renders a decision on unlawful medical practice allegations in his clinic, said the

The Southern Nevada Health District confirmed Dr. Desai instructed staff at his Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada Las Vegas Clinic to reuse syringes and medical vials the last four years. That exposed 40,000 people to possible hepatitis B and C and HIV. Thus far, six hepatitis cases in Dr. Desai’s patients have been confirmed.

The Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners instructed to close his clinic until it has concluded its investigation, according to the Las Vegas Sun. Through legal counsel, the doctor said, "As a longtime resident of Southern Nevada, I share our community's sorrow and concern for those who have been affected by this situation.

Dr Desai attended medical school at Gujarat University and later, completed his medical residency at the St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center in New York.

The sun reported that the doctor had contributed to the George W. Bush and Al Gore presidential campaigns. He also served on a gubernatorial health care committee of Gov. Jim Gibbons. The Sun reported Dr Desai was a member of the same state board which investigated and found the alleged violations in his clinic. At one time, the doctor even served as chairman of that board's investigative committee.

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