Nestle Announces Recall Of Lean Cuisine

The makers of Lean Cuisine frozen dinners have issued a recall of three of its frozen chicken meals due to a risk of personal injury from the possibility of the meals containing pieces of plastic, according to federal officials. News reports show the pieces of plastic found in meals have been blue in color, but consumers should be vigilant of any foreign objects.


The items affected by the Lean Cuisine recall are the 9.5-ounce Pesto Chicken and Bow Tie Pasta with packaging containing the production code 8280595912 and the expiration date May 2010, the 10.5-ounce Chicken Mediterranean with packaging containing the product codes 8231595912, 8241595912, 8263595912, 8269595911, 8274595912, 8291595912, or 8301595912 and expiration dates September, October, or November 2010, and the 12.5 ounce Chicken Tuscan with packaging containing the production codes of 8234595911, 8253595911, 8269595911, 8292595911, or 8296595911 and expiration dates of September, October, or November 2009.


The side of the packaging is where you will find the production codes and expiration dates. All of the boxes will have the U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection mark EST P-9018.


The USDA’s Web site says that, if ingested, the plastic could cause serious injury or death. Nestle Prepared Foods Co., based in Springville, Utah, manufactures Lean Cuisine products. If you belive you or your family member suffered as a result of this recall, contact a food injury attorney to review your rights.

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