Neighbor Sues After Being Attacked by Dog

The plaintiff, Maryse Waters, an 80 year-old widow was attacked by the dog while going to check on the neighbors. Ms. Waters went to check on her neighbor, who owned the 130 pound mixed breed dog when the door was already open by someone and the dog attacked her. The dog bit her leg and knocked her to the ground where she hit her head.

The plaintiff had filed suit again the City of Abbeville where there were already 11 other cases such as this one. Ms. Waters also filed claims against the dog’s owners. The plaintiff denied she was trespassing and argued that she was being a good neighbor by checking on defendants.

The plaintiff allegedly was bit on the leg and had a closed head injury from being knocked to the ground. The plaintiff’s bite wound was treated at the emergency room. The wound required stitches. It also because infected and was treated with antibiotics. The plaintiff’s health deteriorated after the attack as a result of her head injury.

The defendant said the plaintiff was trespassing and should not have been there and denied all responsibilities for the dog attack. The defendants said that the plaintiff’s complaints were likely age-related and had nothing to do with the attack.

The jury returned a verdict of $53,571 after a one-hour deliberation.

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