It's summer, which means people are going to the beach. Swimming and surfing are fun, but for North Carolina woman, Tiffany Johnson, the summer fun almost become deadly.

She was snorkeling with her husband in the Bahamas when she felt a bump on her arm. AOL reports that she didn't feel any pain until she looked to see that her arm was in a shark's mouth. She tried to break free, but the shark clamped down even harder on her arm. 

She told AOL, "Of course, I had fear right away, but I had this supernatural determination, like, 'I'm not going to die here, I refuse.'" 

Johnson, a mother of three, claims her faith in God is what saved her life.

"I kept trying to yank my arm back, and the last time is when he cut it clean off, so when I pulled my arm out of his mouth, it was gone. And I just had this mangled stump."

She swam back to the boat her husband was on, who frantically grabbed a towel to help stop the bleeding. Johnson was taken to a Carribean hospital to have surgery so the bleeding from her severed arm would stop. Then, she was assigned to a doctor in Charlotte, N.C. who specializes in amputees. 

Tiffany Johnson is keeping a positive attitude and will soon be using a prosthetic arm. "...It's just an arm," she claimed, "It could have been much worse."

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