NC Truck Accidents

Large, commercial trucks outweigh standard vehicles by thousands of pounds. The speed of drivers combined with the larger loads cause severe traffic accidents. Victims of truck accidents are usually entitled to compensation for the coverage of medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

Just as in any crash, documentation is essential. Record the driver's name, address, license number and insurance information. Take as many photos as possible. Although the clarity of mobile phone cameras isn't the best, any photos are better than none.

If you're unable to take photos and record the information because of your injuries, have someone contact medical help immediately. Try and ask someone else to take photos for you--and of you. Photos of your injuries at the scene of the accident, as well as pictures of the progress of your injuries (in case they get worse) is imperative for showing insurance companies, and potentially courts, the severity of your condition.

If there are other people present who saw the accident, collect their information too. Having witnesses helps insurance companies determine the at-fault driver.

Typically an insurance adjuster from the trucking company's provider will contact you. They will want to record your conversation and try to persuade you to accept a settlement. It's in your best interest to speak with a Raleigh truck accident attorney before you talk with the insurance company so that your statement isn't misconstrued. Also, there are special federal and state laws that govern truck driving that may apply to your NC truck accident.

When an insurance company talks with you and you don't have an attorney's information to leave with them, they will probably make a very low settlement offer. But, if they know you have an attorney working on your behalf, they will know you're serious about your claim. Plus, working with an accident attorney means you'll have access to expert witnesses that can discuss the logistics of the crash. Take some time to discuss your truck accident with one of our accident attorneys--it will be worth it.

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