NC Tractor Accident Kills Boy

Fatal NC tractor accidents often involve children. A tractor accident in Lumberton, NC killed a five-year-old boy in early March 2012.

Lumberton Accident

The tractor was being driven by the child’s grandfather who was plowing a field north of Lumberton at the time the accident took place. The boy was riding the tractor with his grandfather around 10:30 in the morning when he fell off and was run over by the farm equipment.

NC Lawn Mower Accidents

Not only is agriculture the most dangerous line of work for employees, yard and farm equipment in NC are danger zones for children. Last summer a lawn mower accident killed a child. The ride-on lawn mower had a malfunction the user was not aware of. The malfunction caused the lawn mower to slip into gear, and while the rider moved an obstruction from the field, the lawn mower rolled over a three-year-old who had just taken a ride with the driver.

NC Personal Injury Attorneys

If you or someone you know was injured due to faulty farm equipment or negligent use of a tractor, contact NC personal injury attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates. Our injury attorneys handle farm accident injury cases involving negligent care of equipment, improper use, inadequate training, faulty equipment and more. Complicated issues arise with farm equipment accidents in NC: Whose property did the accident occur on? Who owns the equipment? Who was operating the equipment? Who services the equipment? The answers to these questions will affect the compensation the victim is entitled to and our NC personal injury lawyers can explain how injury claims work during a free consultation. 800.849.5931
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