NC Swimming Pool Injuries: Charlotte-area Boy in Fatal Accident

In late spring and early summer when outdoor public pools begin to open, newly trained lifeguards begin to work and some children learn to swim for the first time. Swimming pool accidents can also happen year-round at hotels. A Gaston, NC family was on vacation in early March 2012 when their eight-year-old son was involved in a pool accident at their hotel. The Charlotte-area boy, Jaylen Stephens, and his family were staying at Monterey Bay Suites, a hotel in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Accidents can happen just as easily at a public swimming pool with staff trained in basic first aid as it could in someone’s private back yard. If you own a pool you could be held liable for negligence if a guest is injured in your pool—even if children sneak in and use the pool without your knowledge.

5 Safety Tips to Prevent Swimming Pool Accidents
1. Pools need to have a fence around their perimeter, but the house itself should have a fence or security gate as an extra precaution.
2. First aid kits, rescue flotation devices and an accessible phone should be present near the pool.
3. Maintain pool drains properly. Pool accidents sometimes involve children who get sucked into pool drains and drown or suffer severe injuries as a result.
4. Prevent children and people from entering or falling in the pool when not in use. Remove all toys so children are not tempted to retrieve them, remove ladders from above ground pools, install a splash alarm and use pool covers that are collapse-free in case a child decides to walk across.
5. When your pool is in use, always make sure someone who knows basic first aid is present.

If you or someone you know was injured or killed in a NC swimming pool accident because of someone else’s negligence, contact a NC personal injury lawyer with Brent Adams & Associates to review your injury claim. Sometimes pool accidents happen because of a guest’s negligence, like the NC bride who was paralyzed in a pool accident during her bachelorette party when her friend pushed her in the pool and injured her spine. Swimming accident injury claims in NC can be complicated, it’s in your best interests to have a NC personal injury attorney review your injury case.
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