NC Social Security Disability Disputes

disability disputeThe topic of Social Security is notorious for sparking debates about budget. A recent meeting in Durham that discussed changes in Social Security lit up with this hot topic. NC residents discussed their disapproval for Social Security restrictions, explained their dependency on the federal benefits and reminded the community how vital Social Security is to their lives when they are disabled because of an illness.

New Social Security Changes

Most of the people voicing their concerns about the deficit and cuts to Social Security were citizens who already receive benefits. For other Durham residents who need to file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), they soon find the process is intimidating, lengthy and requires appeals and a lot of paperwork. Almost every SSDI claim gets denied the first time.

SSDI Claim Attorneys

SSDI attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn with Brent Adams & Associates handle Social Security cases when the injured party is unable to get their claim approved. Lawyers with Social Security dispute experience know the unique laws that affect the eligibility of those who are injured, disabled due to illness or hurt at work. Having a Social Security Disability attorney on your side through the claim application process will alleviate the stress and confusion during the application, appeals and hearings. Our lawyers will explain how to effectively present your case so that you submit the appropriate evidence. A disability attorney will develop a strategic approach that identifies and gathers the right medical records, receipts, and documentation that supports claims for approval.

SSDI Disability Claims Raleigh

The SSDI application process is stressful, but you're not alone. According to Spencer Bradford, a board member of Action North Carolina and director of Durham Congregations in Action, said that 2010 figures for Durham County reflect 35,800 people benefit from Social Security. Imagine how many other people have been through the same disability claims process and how much easier the process would be if you retained a personal injury attorney. Contact our SSDI law offices in Raleigh today.

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