NC Protests Social Security Cuts

A Congress committee is interested in reducing the federal deficit and ordered a calculation change for annual cost-of-living inflation and annual adjustments in income tax brackets. A decision to base cost-of-living increases on this new calculation would successfully reduce federal expenses. Social Security costs would be lowered by $108 billion over ten years. Spending on benefits for veterans, federal civilian and military pension programs would save another $23 million.

Social Security Benefit Changes

Protests took place at Raleigh and Durham's Social Security Administration offices. The protest was organized with the help of the union for government workers. Seniors picketed and stated they want to protect federal workers' rights and they don't want the government to reduce their benefits.

Seniors Protest Federal Benefits

Social Security protests didn't just happen in the Raleigh-Durham area. Nationwide protests took place as upset seniors around the US display their disapproval for the proposed benefits adjustments.

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