NC Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys: Pick a Home for Wandering Seniors

An elderly man wandered away from a NC rest home. Wandering problems with nursing homes in North Carolina have been a hot topic this past year.


The Parkton, NC assisted living facility, Green Manor Rest Home, issued a Silver Alert for one of their residents, Adam Fields. Fields is cognitively impaired, which is a common trait between elderly residents who are prone to wander.


Residents or patients in assisted living facilities who wander are often found confused or deceased. Being away from care providers means patients miss important medications. Since most wandering residents have cognitive impairments, they are usually unaware of weather conditions. Depending on the time of year in North Carolina, wandering nursing home residents may freeze to death or suffer heatstroke.


Residents’ families should not have to worry about their loved ones getting lost and wandering off the premises. When choosing a NC nursing home for a family member who has memory problems, look for care centers that offer:


• A single entry system
• 24-hour security
• On-site or nearby emergency services
• Tracking systems (GPS tracking for seniors)
• Enclosed outdoor spaces


NC nursing home neglect attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates help families whose loved ones have experienced inadequate supervision or care that resulted in an injury. Families coping with a family member’s memory loss, early-onset Alzheimer’s or dementia are already grieving their loved one’s deterioration; families need peace of mind that their senior relative is safe and receiving the medical treatment and compensation they need for their injuries. Call for a free review of your NC nursing home neglect case at 800.849.5931.

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