NC New Gun Law Loophole

Put into effect in December 2011, North Carolina will enforce a new gun law that allows firearms in public parks, which were formerly prohibited areas. The looser gun law makes it legal for permit-holding persons to carry a gun at a playground and other public places. The new NC state gun law supersedes any local ordinances, which means towns and municipalities who don’t want guns in their public spaces need to create and pass their own new laws about firearms at recreational facilities.

Concealed Weapons NC

In the interim, NC cities and towns can put up signs to ban guns from public parks and spaces. However, interpretation of the new NC gun law is under speculation. Part of the law states that as long as there is a sign up declaring no guns in the area, the sign trumps the law. This section of the ordinance is being scrutinized since officials aren’t sure if the signage incorporates buildings in the area or just exterior spaces. The loophole might confuse anyone who is carrying a concealed weapon.

Guns in NC Public Spaces

The looser gun control policies have the potential of increasing the number of concealed weapons at swimming pools, parks, playgrounds and other public spaces. The higher number of guns increases the potential for gun injuries, especially for children. With the loophole in the law attracting attention and causing new local ordinances, gun rights activists are speaking up and trying to affect legislation taking place on the local level.

Gun Injuries in NC

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