NC Motorcycle Accidents: 3 Common Causes

A Franklin County motorcycle accident took the life of a young man on St. Patrick’s Day. Anthony Young, was riding his motorcycle in Youngsville late at night when Kenneddy Onori, a forty-five-year-old driver in a car, hit Young’s bike. Onori was making a left turn when the collision took place.

What are common causes of motorcycle accidents that riders can avoid to prevent accidents?

• According to the Department of Transportation, Saturday and Sundays are the most common days for motorcycle accidents. If possible, riders can avoid driving their motorcycles on these days, especially at night, which is a notorious time for accidents since visibility is challenging.

• Failure to control direction due to speed is a common cause of motorcycle accidents. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the motorcycle rider is speeding. Drivers of vehicles who hit motorcycles are often guilty of excessive speeding, which is what prevents them from being able to control their vehicle or maintain a safe stopping distance.

• Sometimes a motorcycle accident isn’t even caused by a negligent driver. Faulty tires, brake defects, improperly maintained roads or poor mechanical service can cause enough error while driving to seriously injure the rider—or even kill them.

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