NC Kitty Litter Plant Up in Flames

A Laurinburg accident caused a fire at a kitty litter plant in early March 2012. The Laurinburg plant contained the fire within the silo where it started. The kitty litter plant was built with special explosion-proof doors, which helped confine the fire to the silo. If the plant had been constructed negligently, more serious damage would have occurred and employees could have been injured or killed.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace accidents contribute to over 3 million recorded injuries each year, just over 4,500 are fatal, according to the most recent work injury statistics from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Although fires in the workplace are not as common as slip-and-fall cases or carpal tunnel injury claims, every employer should have a fire safety plan that they review with employees. There should also be special measures taken if the business is handling volatile substances or using equipment that has the potential to cause a fire.

NC Workers Comp Attorneys

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