When you are injured at work, or become ill and can no longer complete your job, the North Carolina Industrial Commission will play a vital role in your process of securing your workers' compensation payments. Their website also has a wealth of information, including news, frequently asked questions, forms, and recent workers' comp court decisions in North Carolina.

Recently, the NC Industrial Commission has announced a few changes. Keep yourself updated with this week's North Carolina workers' comp news:

· The NCIC website is moving to a new address: http://www.ic.nc.gov/, and soon, the website will be re-designed. Although the current site will still function for the time being, they recommend that you switch over your bookmarks now.

· Beginning on Jan. 29, the numbering system for workers' compensation claims will change - all new cases will be labeled with a six-figure number beginning with a W.

· A number of workers' comp forms and procedures have been updated or revised. Some of these changes take place on Feb. 1, while other changes will not go into effect until Aug. 1.

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